Thank you so much. Your info saves me so much time! YOU rock!

- Francoise
You truly have a valuable resource for teachers and child care providers alike. Good luck! Thanks for all you do.

- Jackie Clarkson
Hope you continue your good work, as you well know organizations like ours really need resources. With all of the cuts being proposed here in California, we look forward to seeking your assistance. Gratefully

- Louise Valenciana-Ruiz
Please don’t give up! Because of your web site I got my lab $1200 and we are about to get new headphones for the reading lab. How important is that? Well our students can graduate and know how to read. You do make a difference! Thanks

- Debra Gilbert M.S.
I am the founder and owner of Special Touch Learning Center non-profit 501c3, we have applied for several grants from your site. The website is great and easy to review. Thanks Again.

- W. Coates
It is such a great site, I have found many grants for our teachers at Dixie Canyon Ave. Elementary school.

- Andrea Reichbach
Please continue with your good works. Here in the Philippines, I am working with street children and children-in conflict with the law and I find your website very encouraging. Keep up the good work.

- Bro. Crispin P. Betita
FMS Marcellin Foundation
Thank you, Joe, for your determination to help all of us with grants!

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Thank you for providing such a valuable service.

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Thank you so much for your ongoing effort to share resources, opportunities and knowledge with teachers.

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Just a quick note to tell you how important your work is to all of us building a better life for the kids of our communities! Many thanks!

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I am a school parent and have found amazing opportunities for my kids' school on your site! Thank you! Thanks for all of your hard work!

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I just wanted to write and tell you how helpful your website has been to me as a non-profit professional. It is one of my favorites! You are doing an excellent job!

- Samala Carrington
I have used your resources to help me secure funding for 17 grants for materials to help me teach my children with severe cognitive disabilities. Without these resources, the education they receive would be mediocre, but it is phenomenal thanks to your networking.

- Shirleen St.Clair
Thank you so much for your efforts. I have been lucky to be awarded several grants that I found out about on your website. My students have benefited by having new science and robotics equipment purchased for our class. We have also had a couple of field trips funded that we would have been unable to take due to the cost. This year we were awarded an arts grant from Target.

- Wanda Allen
As a social emotional learning program developer, we really value grantsalert.com. It is a very valuable resource for educators and schools. We constantly refer people to your site to search for education grant opportunities, especially in this day of shrinking budgets. The grant info that you provide helps students and families throughout the US! We really have not found any other consistently up-to-date grant resource.

- Carol Rankin
I have been a regular customer to your site and have appreciated all of your work. You have provided a valuable resource.

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Thank you, Joe. Grants Alert is my best, most timely source for funding information.

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You have made and are continuing to make a significant contribution to the fundraising field. Keep up the good work!

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Thanks so much for the great work you do. Please don’t be too discouraged and remember what a wonderful gift you are to so many educators.

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I am so grateful for the work you do and the information you send. I always pass it on to teachers. Thank you so much for your hard work.

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I am a tremendous fan of your site. Thank you so very much.

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Thank you Joe. I enjoy reading grantsalert! You provide a needed service to people like me. I also refer others to your site when I'm teaching my grant writing classes.

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I have used Grantalerts as a tool to identify and apply for many resources for our school!

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You do such a good job here. Thank you.

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I applaud your fortitude and rely on your information. Thank you for caring about us.

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Thank you for the great job that you do with Grants Alert. I often use it to share appropriate grant opportunities with my playground followers. The accuracy takes time and you do a great job with timely information on grants.

- Melinda Bossenmeyer
President/Founder, Peaceful Playgrounds
I wanted to let you know that I signed up as a free member to be in your Grants Directory. I have been a grant writer and in the development field for over 17 years and have never advertised.
Since I placed my name, with very little information, I have had many inquiries!!
I wanted to let you know that you have a huge reach and should be proud of yourself for your accomplishments!

- Stephanie