Type Program Deadline  
Foundations 2015 Gale/Library Media Connection TEAMS Award 06-30-2015
Foundations Professional Dairy Producers Foundation Grants 06-01-2015
Foundations American Turkish Society Open Call for Fall 2015 Curriculum Development Grants 05-30-2015
Foundations Healthy Breakfast for Kids (Michigan) 04-30-2015
Federal Investing in Innovation Fund - Development Grants 04-29-2015
Foundations Toshiba Grants For Grades 6 - 12 08-01-2015
Foundations 2015-2016 Every Kid Healthy Grants 05-01-2015
Foundations 2015-2016 School Breakfast Grants 05-01-2015
Federal Small, Rural School Achievement Program 06-30-2015
Foundations Safe Places to Play Grants 06-05-2015
Federal Jacob K. Javits Gifted and Talented Students Education Program 05-04-2015
Foundations Research Grants: Reducing inequality in youth outcomes 05-05-2015
Foundations State Farm SERVICE-LEARNING GRANTS 05-01-2015
Foundations Fruit and Veggie Grants for Schools Rolling
Foundations Newman's Own Awards 04-29-2015

Thank You

I have several people to thank for the rebuild of GrantsAlert, first and foremost, my tech partner Mike Schwefler out of Falls Church, Virginia. I have total and complete trust in this young man and he is the one I am counting on to do all my work on all my websites.

But I also have you to thank. You the teachers, administrators, coaches, counselors, grant writers, parents, foundation leaders, and all the others who have come into contact with GrantsAlert.com, found it useful and shared my pain when it was hacked. Your kind and encouraging words fueled my desire to not give up, but to rebuild, and come back even stronger and better.

I received hundreds of emails from friends, some of which you can read below, and all of which were appreciated.

From My Friends...

Hello Sir,

Just tried to review your site for grant opportunities for our small nonprofit. Saw the message that you were taking down the site.

Our Founder, Jill Porras, sent me your email to her from you and asked me to explore grant opportunities.

Hope you continue your good work, as you well know organizations like ours really need resources to money. With all of the cuts being proposed here in California, we look forward to seeking your assistance.

Louise Valenciana-Ruiz

Please don’t give up! Because of your web site I got my lab $1200 and we were about to get new headphone for the reading lab. How important is that? Well our students can graduate know how to read. You do make a difference! Thanks

Debra Gilbert M.S.


I am the founder and owner of Special Touch Learning Center non profit 501c3, we have applied for several grants from your system. The website is great and easy to review. If you have any information or a list of grants please send it to my email. We are in need of funding.

Thanks Again

W. Coates

Dear Mr. Mizereck,

I was just wondering if grantsalert is back up and running. It is such a great site, I have found many grants for our teachers at Dixie Canyon Ave. Elementary school.

All the best,
Andrea Reichbach


I am sorry to hear that your site is down as it has been very helpful to me.

Please let me know when it will be working again.


Sandy Mangarella

Please let me know when you are back up and running.’

Dick Lindgren

Hi Joe,

I just wanted to let you know that I too think your website is awesome! I have made proposals to some of the grants you have listed in the past 5 years, and incredibly I have won a couple. My total for my middle school is around $20,000, and probably around half is from alerts from your website. I've been extremely lucky, but luck comes with investigating, and your site has helped me tremendously. I can't tell you how much I love the site, and I definitely want it to return. Thanks for all your help.


Kyle Jones

Thank you so much. Your info saves me so much time!

YOU rock!


Hi Joe!

Thanks for your continued efforts. It is appreciated!

Carolyn L. Johnsen

Joe –

I don’t understand the malignancy of thought that leads someone to hack – if they would just use their ability to CREATE rather than destroy, we could go far.

I appreciate the service you provide and respect you for hanging in there against the scum.

Wayne Jennings

Thanks for keeping us in the loop, Joe; I am in a crunch to make a budget and your emails are a huge help!

Kari A. Kuh, Development Director

Hi Joe:

Sorry about the problems with hackers, you are right they are scum.

Please let me know when you are up and running again, some of the teachers around here (Jackson County GA), really like your page and they use it as much as they can, so it will be great news when you are back online, please let us know.

Luis Romo

Bless you – technology definitely has a dark side!

Good luck and I hope to “see” you again

Pat Martin

Hi Joe,

Hurray for your steadfastness in spite of the difficulties. Please continue with your good works. Here in the Philippines, I am working with street children and children-in conflict with the law and I find your website very encouraging.

Keep up the good work

Bro. Crispin P. Betita, FMS

Marcellin oundation

Thanks Joe, and keep the faith everything will work out!

Thank you, Joe, for your determination to help all of us with grants!

Jan J.

I am so sorry to hear about the trouble you are having with hackers. You truly have a valuable resource for teachers and child care providers alike and I would hate to see you give up. Good luck! Thanks for all you do. - j

Jackie Clarkson

Thank you for providing such a valuable service. Hang in there!


Thank you so much for your ongoing effort to share resources, opportunities and knowledge with teachers.


I love your site! Please place me on your email list!


Sonya Mull


I haven't reached out to you yet but I couldn't let another day past without sending my heartfelt gratitude for your persistent selfless work. You have been a true blessing to me, my staff and the thousands of educators who are always looking for ways to improve their professional practice and their students' growth. You are indeed affecting and infecting the future with your relentless commitment.

And for that, I thank you.


Genein Letford

2010 Great American Teacher of the Year

Hi Joe,

Thank YOU for your dedication! We appreciate your efforts, especially during challenging times.

Jennifer Lutey

Thank you, Joe, for all you do!

Liz Metzger

Thanks Joe, I really appreciate receiving grants alert and hope the process in rebuilding your site isn’t too daunting. Ben Levek – Denver Dept of Human Services.

Thanks for your dedication to this--you are making a difference!

Thanks Joe,

Just a quick note to tell you how important your work is to all of us building a better life for the kids of our communities!

Many thanks!

De-Anne Hooper

Hi Joe,

Wow! Thank you for your dedication to this valuable service! Good luck with the new website!


Dear Joe,

I am a school parent and have found amazing opportunities for my kids' school on your site! Thank you!

I have visited the site before and could tell things had been corrupted from time to time. Too bad hackers have nothing better to do than mess with a nice guy helping so many!

I'll keep checking back until you are up and operational again.

Thanks for all of your hard work!


Maggie Sabol

Anyone who disrupts or destroys another’s internet property, especially one as valuable as yours, should at the very least be drawn and quartered!!!

Laurel Hoverson


I'm sorry to hear about the problems you are facing regarding hackers. I totally agree with you and often wonder what GOOD things they could accomplish if they channel their talents in positive ways.

I find your website extremely helpful and am happy to hear you will rebuild.


Liz Jardin

Mr. Mizereck,

I was sadly disappointed to go to the website and see the message. I just wanted to write and tell you how helpful your website has been to me as a non-profit professional. It is one of my favorites! You are doing an excellent job! Look forward to the new website.

With Regards,

Samala Carrington

I have used your resources to help me secure funding for 17 grants for materials to help me teach my children with severe cognitive disabilities. Without these resources, the education they receive would be mediocre, but it is phenomenal thanks to your networking.

Thank you,

Shirleen St.Clair

I am very happy to hear that you are not closing up shop. Your website is a valuable tool for us and would be missed greatly. As a bike rider myself, I know that without your website I would have less time to ride.

Thanks again and keep me posted

Chuck Clark

Thanks, Joe. Sorry to hear about the hacking problem. Hang in there. You and your services are appreciated.

John Roina

Thank you so much for your efforts. I have been lucky to be awarded several grants that I found out about on your website. My students have benefited by having new science and robotics equipment purchased for our class. We have also had a couple of field trips funded that we would have been unable to take due to the cost. This year we were awarded an arts grant from Target.

wanda allen

Hi Joe,

We are very sorry to hear that your site has been hacked. As a social emotional learning program developer, we really value grantsalert.com and hope that you will be able to re-build it. It is a very valuable resource for educators and schools. We constantly refer people to your site to search for education grant opportunities, especially in this day of shrinking budgets. The grant info that you provide helps students and families throughout the US! We really have not found any other consistently up-to-date grant resource.

Please let us know when you are up and running again.

Best to you,

Carol Rankin


Sorry to hear that you were hacked. Indeed I have been a regular customer to your site and have appreciated all of your work. Thanks for hanging in there and for not giving up. You have provided a valuable resource.

Wayne Ruchgy

Thank you, Joe. Grants Alert is my best, most timely source for funding information.

Jill Dingman, Director

Hello Joe,

The best of luck to you on your new launch! You have made and are continuing to make a significant contribution to the fundraising field. Keep up the good work!

My best,

Stan Levenson

You are correct, hackers are scum. Best of luck in rebuilding the site. PLEASE DO NOT close it down, the site is very valuable.

Pat Wintucky

I appreciate all of the work and frustration you go through. I am hoping you can get through this mess also. I will look forward to you being back.

Thanks again,

Edie Walker


Thanks so much for the great work you do. Please don’t be too discouraged and remember what a wonderful gift you are to so many educators.

Janet Williams

Dear Joe:

I just wanted to let you know that I do enjoy receiving the information from GrantsAlert. What a horrible experience! Why would someone hack into an educational web site? I can't imagine that there is a strong "competitor" for this type of thing.

Good luck with everything,

Joyce Luhrs

Stay strong!!!! Thank you for all you do!

Amanda Betlow

Hi Joe,

I'm so sorry that this issue continues with your website. I am glad that you won't give up, but rather get stronger so that we caqn keep helping students, teachers, & parents. My prayer is that everthing goes well!

Best regards, Christina

Joe – I am sorry about the hackers – I am so grateful for the work you do and the information you send. I always pass it on to teachers. Please don’t give up. Thank you so much for your hard work. Susan Tidyman

Dear Joe,

I am also a tremendous fan of your site. I am looking forward to your new and more secure grant alerts.

Thank you so very much for informing me of your actions.


Cynthia C. Coble

Joe, I am sorry to hear you have been hacked and that grants alert will be down for a while. I am one of those that find the information helpful and will miss getting your regular updates. I hope the situation is resolved soon so you can continue helping us.



Thank you Joe. I enjoy reading grantsalert! You provide a needed service to people like me. I also refer others to your site when I'm teaching my grant writing classes.

If I can be of assistance, you can contact me.

Pat Kelsaw,MSW

Sorry you are being plagued. I have used Grantalerts as a tool to identify and apply for many resources for our school! Elayne Walker

I have really used your website and am sorry this has happened. I looked forward to receiving your emails and will look for them again. Good luck and thank you for your dedication.

Happy New Year

Gail McGlothin

Grants Development

You poor guy!! I am so sorry that you have had so much trouble. You do such a good job here. Thank you.

Mary M. Greendale

Good luck, Joe. Thanks for sticking with it!

Joe –you really are a very valuable resource to us. I am so sorry that you have to keep dealing with such evil in the world, especially when you are simply trying to do good. My thoughts and encouragement are with you and hope all goes well!

Regina Taylor

I applaud your fortitude and rely on your information. Thank you for caring about us.

Yours in service,

E. J. Nesbitt