Type Program Deadline  
Foundations Mathematics Graduate Course Work Scholarships for Grades 6-8 Teachers 11-07-2014
Foundations 7-12 Classroom Research Grants 11-07-2014
Foundations PreK-6 Classroom Research Grants 11-07-2014
Foundations Improving Students' Understanding of Geometry Grants for Grades PreK-8 Teachers 11-07-2014
Foundations Equity in Mathematics Grants for Grades 6-8 11-07-2014
Foundations Engaging Students in Learning Mathematics Grants for Grades 6-8 Teachers 11-07-2014
Foundations Teacher Professional Development Grants for Grades 6-8 Teachers 11-07-2014
Foundations 2014-2015 Community Education Center Community Grants 10-29-2014
Foundations Project Learning Tree GreenWorks! Grants 09-30-2014
Foundations Prudential Spirit of Community Awards 11-04-2014
Foundations Pets in the Classroom Grants 06-15-2015
Foundations I Love My Librarian Award 09-12-2014
Foundations AAUW Community Action Grants 01-15-2015
Foundations ING Unsung Heroes 04-30-2015
Foundations Dow’s STEMtheGAP Fall Teacher Challenge 10-31-2014
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CISCO Foundation Global Impact Cash Grants

Type: Foundations
Source: CISCO Foundation
Program: CISCO Foundation Global Impact Cash Grants
Eligibility: 1. U.S. organizations must provide evidence that the IRS has recognized them as tax exempt under the Internal Revenue Code Section 501 (c)(3), AND has classified them as a public charity.

2. Organizations from outside the U.S. must (a) provide information and documents to determine whether the organization is the equivalent of a U.S. public charity, or (b) agree to sign and comply with an expenditure responsibility contract. Cisco will determine whether (a) or (b) is appropriate for a particular organization.

Please Note: Ineligible Programs and/or Activities

Miscellaneous exclusions: general operating expenses, other than directly associated with the program itself; individuals; research programs; membership-based activities; programs that promote or serve one culture, race, religion, population group, or political viewpoint - rather than the community at large; religious, political, or sectarian organizations (some exceptions apply. See our "Policy on Religious Proselytizing" below).

Hospitals: Private or public hospitals; hospital foundations; medical centers, research centers, etc. (Programs based in a hospital may be eligible; however, grant funds must go exclusively to direct service in the community, not to general hospital operating expenses.)

Schools and scholarships: Private, public, or charter schools; school foundations, booster clubs, and/or fundraising organizations affiliated with a particular school; colleges/universities; scholarships, stipends or loans within a program; and/or school-related activities such as field trips, research programs, etc.

Events: athletic events, competitions, tournaments; conferences, seminars, workshops; festivals, field trips, or other recreational events; fundraising events or sponsorships (benefit dinners, walks/runs, concerts, sports teams, etc.)

Philanthropic: capital building funds, challenge grants, grant-making organizations (all other foundations including private foundations, family foundations, school foundations, etc.)
Purpose: Cisco Supports The Creation And Deployment Of Strategic Technology-based Solutions And Enhanced Education Delivery Models That Accelerate Learning And Enable Children (age 5-19) To Master A Baseline Of Educational Knowledge In Science, Technology, Engineering, And Math (STEM). The Rationale Behind This Approach Is That These Skills Will Provide Children With The Foundation To Succeed Beyond School Into The Workforce. In Line With Cisco's Overall Grantmaking Philosophy, Cisco Focuses Particularly On Underserved Populations And Those Students At Greatest Risk Of Dropping Out.

Cisco Investments Support Innovative Solutions Which Increase Capacity, Allowing Grantee Organizations To Deliver, Administer, And Track Education Development More Effectively And Efficiently. To This End, Cisco Funds The Design And Development Of Tools Which Increase The Availability Of, Or Improve Access To, Products And/or Services For Curriculum Development, Student-centricity, Teacher Development, And Parental Participation. Cisco Does Not Provide Direct Funding To Schools.
Deadline: Rolling
Award Max: $75,000.00
Quantity: Unknown
Period: One year.
Questions? Go to this link: http://csr.cisco.com/pages/contact-us

Cisco accepts unsolicited applications to the Global Impact Cash Grant program. Our online application process is open year-round; therefore, your organization may begin the application process at any time. Please note that all grant applications must be submitted using our online grant application tool. We do not accept applications submitted via postal mail or email attachment.
Website: Website