Type Program Deadline  
Federal Institute of Education Sciences (IES) Request for Unsolicited Applications 03-05-2015
Foundations Nestlé Creating Shared Value Prize 02-28-2015
Foundations National Book Foundation 2015 Innovations in Reading Prize 02-28-2015
Federal Drug-Free Communities Support Program 03-18-2015
Foundations Lead 360 01-31-2015
Foundations NEA Learning & Leadership Grants 02-01-2015
Foundations Dollar General Foundation Family Literacy Grants 02-26-2015
Foundations Dollar General Foundation Youth Literacy Grants 05-21-2015
Foundations Dollar General Foundation Summer Reading Grants 02-26-2015
Foundations Dollar General Literacy Foundation Adult Literacy Grants 02-26-2015
Foundations Unsung Heroes Awards Program 04-30-2015
Foundations School In-Service Training Grants for Grades Pre-K-5 Teachers 05-04-2015
Foundations Better Homes and Gardens Mason-McDuffie’s Education Foundation Grants (California) 03-31-2015
Foundations The Rathmann Challenge 02-12-2015
Foundations Panasonic Student Eco Citizenship Project (New Jersey) 04-17-2015
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Key Transitions in Postsecondary Education Success

Type: Foundations
Source: USA Funds
Program: Key Transitions in Postsecondary Education Success
Eligibility: Eligible for Support Include:
ï‚· Organizations must be located in the United States.
ï‚· Organizations must be established and be:
o Organized and operated for purposes described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code (IRC), or
o A university, college, school, or other institution described in Section 170(c)(I)of the IRC, or
o A public agency, unit of government, tribal government, or tribal program under Section 7871 of the IRC
(Note: please submit only one application per organization)
ï‚· Organizations must be legally established for at least five (5) years (established prior to January 2008) in order to be considered.
ï‚· Programs must have been operational for at least three (3) years with a demonstrated track record of performance with impact.
ï‚· Applicants must have had an annual budget (expenditures) greater than $500,000 in their most recent (audited fiscal) year.

Not Eligible for Support Include:
ï‚· Grants to individuals.
ï‚· Fundraising activities.
ï‚· Scholarship programs.
ï‚· Endowments.
ï‚· Political campaigns, candidates or lobbying activities
ï‚· Capital improvements or equipment.
ï‚· Building projects (brick and mortar).
ï‚· Funding solely for research.
ï‚· Debt retirement.
ï‚· General operating expenses of an organization.
ï‚· Organizations that will re-grant fund
Purpose: USA Funds’ Current Grant-making Activities Focus On Programs That Primarily Benefit Lowincome Students, First-generation Students, Students Of Color, Foster Youth And Adult Learners.

Accordingly, We Support Programs And Organizations That Aim To:
ï‚· Increase The Number Of Students Who Receive Postsecondary Education Credentials.
ï‚· Improve Financial Literacy Among Students Preparing For Or Pursuing Postsecondary Education.
ï‚· Provide Financial Access To Postsecondary Education For Students.
ï‚· Eliminate Gaps In Postsecondary Educational Attainment By Race And Income.
ï‚· Improve College Readiness, Access And Completion.
Recently, We Refined Our Approach To Grant-making By Concentrating Our Financial Resources On Activities And Programs That Will Have Significant Impact On Our Target Populations’ Educational Achievement.
Deadline: 05-24-2013
Award Min: $400,000.00
Award Max: $800,000.00
Quantity: Unknown
Period: 2 to 3 years.
Website: Website