Type Program Deadline  
Foundations I Love My Librarian Award 09-12-2014
Foundations AAUW Community Action Grants 01-15-2015
Foundations ING Unsung Heroes 04-30-2015
Foundations Dow’s STEMtheGAP Fall Teacher Challenge 10-31-2014
Foundations Erich & Hannah Sachs Foundation Charitable Funding Rolling
Corporate Edison International Community Grants 09-30-2014
Foundations Cruise Industry Charitable Foundation Grants Rolling
Corporate Azamara Club Cruises, Celebrity Cruises and Royal Caribbean International Giving Program Rolling
Corporate BNI Foundation Givers Gain Grants Rolling
Corporate BJ's Fuel Your Fundraiser Program Rolling
Corporate BJ's Adopt-A-School Program (2015-2016 school year) Rolling
Corporate BJ's Charitable Foundation Grants Rolling
Foundations 5th Digital Media and Learning Competition, dubbed The Trust Challenge (Heads UP) 11-03-2014
Foundations 2014 LRNG Innovation Challenge 10-13-2014
Foundations Grosvenor Teacher Fellow program (Heads UP for Nov.) 12-31-2014
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BJ's Fuel Your Fundraiser Program Rolling
Mott Pathways Out of Poverty Grants Rolling
NEF Adopt-A-School Program Rolling
Google Ad Grants Rolling
KaBoom Joint Use Grants Rolling
The Arthur Vining David Foundations Secondary Education Grants Rolling
Wallace Foundation Grants Rolling
Gateway to College Program Rolling
Intel Washington Education Grants (Washington) Rolling
BJ's Adopt-A-School Program (2015-2016 school year) Rolling
Wells Fargo Giving Rolling
DTE Energy Foundation Grants Rolling
Community Grants Dedicated to Help Inner-City Educators (limited cities) Rolling
Reiman Foundation Grants Rolling
Boeing Kansas Local Grant 2013 Rolling
Project SERV Extended Services Grant Program Rolling
W.K. Kellogg Foundation Grants Rolling
The World We Want Foundation Social Action Projects Rolling
Investing in Innovation (i3) Grants Rolling
Sprint Foundation Educational Grants (Kansas City, Kansas) Rolling
BJ's Charitable Foundation Grants Rolling
EPS Response to Intervention (RTI) Grant Program Rolling
The Wallace Foundation Funding Rolling
Netop GAP Grant program Rolling
Wish You Well Foundation Grants Rolling
No Kid Hungry Rolling
Voices for Healthy Kids Rolling
Bayer USA Foundation STEM education Grants Rolling
JC Penney Cares Grants Rolling
Samuel N. and Mary Castle Foundation Education Grant Rolling
P&G School Programs Rolling
Pets in the Classroom Rolling
Changing the Game: Advanced Micro Devices Foundation Grants (Certain Cities) Rolling
EdTech Conference Grants Rolling
United Healthcare Children's Foundation Grants Rolling
14 Grants Available Rolling
Charles Stewart Mott Foundation Pathways Out of Poverty Program Rolling
Erich & Hannah Sachs Foundation Charitable Funding Rolling
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