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Foundations Professional Dairy Producers Foundation Grants 06-01-2015
Foundations American Turkish Society Open Call for Fall 2015 Curriculum Development Grants 05-30-2015
Foundations Healthy Breakfast for Kids (Michigan) 04-30-2015
Foundations Snapdragon Book Foundation Grants 04-24-2015
Federal Investing in Innovation Fund - Development Grants 04-29-2015
Foundations Toshiba Grants For Grades 6 - 12 08-01-2015
Foundations 2015-2016 Every Kid Healthy Grants 05-01-2015
Foundations 2015-2016 School Breakfast Grants 05-01-2015
Federal Small, Rural School Achievement Program 06-30-2015
Foundations Safe Places to Play Grants 06-05-2015
Federal Jacob K. Javits Gifted and Talented Students Education Program 05-04-2015
Foundations Research Grants: Reducing inequality in youth outcomes 05-05-2015
Foundations State Farm SERVICE-LEARNING GRANTS 05-01-2015
Foundations Fruit and Veggie Grants for Schools Rolling
Foundations Newman's Own Awards 04-29-2015
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2014-2015 PolarTREC

Type: Foundations
Source: PolarTrec
Program: 2014-2015 PolarTREC
Eligibility: The top 100 teacher applications are sent to the PolarTREC Selection Committee for review. The Selection Committee changes annually and consists of researchers, educators, polar logistics providers, and arctic residents. The Selection Committee narrows the applicant pool down to the top 30-40 applicants that seem best suited for the research projects available. At that point, PolarTREC staff selects research projects based on your responses in the application. When you apply to the program, you will not be selecting a specific expedition but rather specifying your science interests and your polar preference for the Arctic, Antarctic, or both. You will also be discussing how this experience meets the needs of your classroom and what you teach. These answers will help in the matching of your application to a research project. The PolarTREC staff then sends each researcher a group of approximately 5 applications to review. Researchers select the top three applicants to interview, conduct phone interviews, and ultimately the research team selects which teacher will participate in their project.

Please note that the application and selection process are quite lengthy and it takes about 4-5 months to process and select the participants. The PolarTREC staff sends out regular emails to the candidates about the status of the selection process.
Purpose: Thank You For Your Interest In Participating In PolarTREC! The Information You Provide In Your Application Will Be Used To Select Teachers And Match Them To PolarTREC Expeditions During The 2014 (usually Arctic) Or 2014-2015 (usually Antarctic) Field Seasons. Submitting An Application Does Not Guarantee Placement In A PolarTREC Teacher Research Experience. Teachers And Researchers Will Be Selected And Matched To Fill The Approximately 12-14 Openings Available. We Generally Receive Over 200 Applications Annually, So Please Recognize That The Selection Process Is Very Competitive And It Takes Time To Complete A Competitive Application.

The Primary Goal Of PolarTREC Is To Provide A Professional Development Experience To Educators. PolarTREC Is Designed So That Teachers Participate In Real Polar Research Activities In Order To Improve Their Science Content Knowledge And Understanding Of Scientific Inquiry. To Do This, Participating Teachers Are Not Merely Observers, But Active Members Of The Team Being Trained And Getting Involved In Research Activities Wherever Possible.

PolarTREC Alumni Also Become Members Of The CARE Network (Connecting Arctic And Antarctic Researchers And Educators). The CARE Network Of Teachers And Researchers Meet Through Online Seminars To Continue Collaborations, Exchange Ideas, And Discuss The Long-term Effects And Outcomes Of Their PolarTREC Experiences.
Deadline: 09-16-2013
Quantity: Unknown
Period: One year.
If you have any questions or concerns regarding these requirements, please contact the PolarTREC Project Managers at info@polartrec.com or 907-474-1600.
Website: Website