Type Program Deadline  
Foundations 2015 Access to Care Grants 08-18-2014
Corporate So Delicious #140 Difference Micro-Grant Contest 05-09-2014
Federal "Now is the Time" Project AWARE Local Educational Agency Grants 06-16-2014
Federal Alcohol Education Project Grants 09-25-2014
Federal 2014 Mentoring for Child Victims of Commercial Sexual Exploitation and Domestic Sex Trafficking Initiative 05-15-2014
Foundations Voices for Healthy Kids Rolling
Federal 2014 National Mentoring Programs 05-27-2014
Foundations Ribbons of Hope – Invest in Women and Girls 07-01-2014
Foundations Creative Community Fellows program 05-07-2014
Federal (Heads-UP) Education Research and Special Education Research Grant Programs 08-07-2014
Federal 2014 Second Chance Act Comprehensive Statewide Juvenile Reentry Systems Reform Planning Program 05-13-2014
Foundations Peter F. Drucker Award for Nonprofit Innovation 07-01-2014
Foundations GreenSchools! Grants 09-30-2014
Foundations Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation Grants 06-30-2014
Foundations 2014 Butler-Cooley Excellence in Teaching Awards 05-01-2014
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Type: Foundations
Source: McCarthey Dressman Education Foundation
Eligibility: THE McCARTHEY DRESSMAN EDUCATION FOUNDATION CONSIDERS APPLICATIONS FOR FINANCIAL SUPPORT FROM EDUCATORS WHO... ...are employed by schools or non-profit organizations (e.g. community centers, museums, etc.) ...have the background and experience to complete the project successfully ...have direct and regular contact with students in grades pre-k to 12 ...work with students from low-income households ...are willing to work in collaboration with the Foundation PLEASE NOTE: A project may have one to many participants involved in its planning and implementation. However, the Foundation does require that each application be submitted in the name of one individual even if there are two or more participants involved in a single project
Purpose: The McCarthey Dressman Education Foundation Offers Academic Enrichment Grants Designed To Develop In-class And Extra-curricular Programs That Improve Student Learning. The Foundation Considers Proposals That Foster Understanding, Deepen Students’ Knowledge, And Provide Opportunities To Expand Awareness Of The World Around Them. The Academic Enrichment Grants Provide Funding For Programs That Nurture The Intellectual, Artistic And Creative Abilities Of Children From Low-income Households.
Deadline: 04-15-2011
Award Max: $10,000.00
Quantity: 4
Period: 3 years
McCARTHEY DRESSMAN EDUCATION FOUNDATION 610 East South Temple Street, Suite 110 Salt Lake City, Utah 84102 Phone: 801.209.3029 or 801.578.1260 Fax: 801.578.1261 Email:mccartheydressman@mklpr.com or info@mccartheydressman.org
Website: Website