Type Program Deadline  
Foundations 5th Digital Media and Learning Competition, dubbed The Trust Challenge (Heads UP) 11-03-2014
Foundations 2014 LRNG Innovation Challenge 10-13-2014
Foundations Grosvenor Teacher Fellow program (Heads UP for Nov.) 12-31-2014
Foundations Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation Anti-Bullying Grants 11-30-2014
Foundations PITSCO/HEARLIHY/FTEE GRAN 12-01-2014
Corporate Bayer USA Foundation STEM education Grants Rolling
Corporate ConnectED Initiative (Phase II) 11-05-2014
Foundations The Ambrose Monell Foundation Grants Rolling
Foundations Applied Materials Foundation Education Initiative Rolling
Foundations Office Depot Foundation Grants 10-31-2014
Foundations NCTM 7-12 Classroom Research Grants 11-07-2014
Federal Preschool Development Grants 10-14-2014
Foundations Dizzy Feet Foundation Grants 09-04-2014
Foundations P&G School Programs Rolling
Foundations 2014-2015 School Grants for Healthy Kids (Select States) 08-31-2014
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Boeing Company Charitable Grants - Phoenix-Mesa region

Type: Corporate
Source: Boeing
Program: Boeing Company Charitable Grants - Phoenix-Mesa region
Eligibility: Nonprofit organizations that are IRS 501(c)(3) qualified charitable or educational organization or an accredited K-12 educational institution. Organizations will need a 501(c)(3)-qualified tax ID number or NCES (K-12 schools/districts) ID number to apply. Individual K-12 schools need to provide both their NCES district ID number (seven digits) and school ID number (five digits). Most public universities or colleges will need to apply using the tax ID number for their 501(c)(3) charitable foundation or development office.

First-time applicants must provide detailed information about their finances, board members and top five highest-paid employees and be vetted to ensure compliance with the U.S. Patriot Act and anti-terrorism laws.
Purpose: The Arizona Boeing Company Charitable Grants support programs primarily in the Mesa Public School District to improve teacher effectiveness in math and science, particularly in low-income areas. Due to shortages of teachers in some math and science areas (i.e. physics) the program also supports certification and other programs to increase the number and skills of qualified math math and science teachers.

The Corporation's program goal is to build capacity and align educational systems by focusing on the development of school leadership, teachers, programs and curricula that focus on advancing students' capacity for lifelong learning and their overall educational outcomes, especially in subjects that can prepare them for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) careers. 
Deadline: 03-15-2015
Quantity: Unknown
If an organization believes their program aligns they should e-mail Mary Baldwin, Arizona Community Investor, at mary.L.baldwin@boeing.com. In the e-mail, they should indicate that they have examined the local guidelines and provide a brief overview of their program and how it supports Boeing's Focus Area Objectives. If Boeing is interested in the organization's program, they will contact the organization to discuss the possibility of submitting a letter of inquiry. 

Annual Deadlines:

Letter of Inquiry period: February 15 - March 15
Application Deadline (if invited): April 15
Grants Awarded: By June 30
if a deadline falls on a weekend or holiday, the application is due on the next business day.

If organizations have additional questions or need more guidance after reviewing the local guidelines, please contact: Mary Baldwin, Arizona Community Investor, at mary.L.baldwin@boeing.com or by phone at (480) 891-4441.
Website: Website