Type Program Deadline  
Foundations 2015 Gale/Library Media Connection TEAMS Award 06-30-2015
Foundations Professional Dairy Producers Foundation Grants 06-01-2015
Foundations American Turkish Society Open Call for Fall 2015 Curriculum Development Grants 05-30-2015
Foundations Healthy Breakfast for Kids (Michigan) 04-30-2015
Federal Investing in Innovation Fund - Development Grants 04-29-2015
Foundations Toshiba Grants For Grades 6 - 12 08-01-2015
Foundations 2015-2016 Every Kid Healthy Grants 05-01-2015
Foundations 2015-2016 School Breakfast Grants 05-01-2015
Federal Small, Rural School Achievement Program 06-30-2015
Foundations Safe Places to Play Grants 06-05-2015
Federal Jacob K. Javits Gifted and Talented Students Education Program 05-04-2015
Foundations Research Grants: Reducing inequality in youth outcomes 05-05-2015
Foundations State Farm SERVICE-LEARNING GRANTS 05-01-2015
Foundations Fruit and Veggie Grants for Schools Rolling
Foundations Newman's Own Awards 04-29-2015
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Health and Well-Being of Children Grants

Type: Health
Source: W.K. Kellogg Foundation
Program: Health and Well-Being of Children Grants
Eligibility: To be eligible for support, your organization or institution, as well as the purpose of the proposed project, must qualify under regulations of the United States Internal Revenue Services. As a result,we are not able to provide funding directly to individuals.

In general, we do not provide funding for operational phases of established programs, capital requests (which includes the construction, purchase, renovation, and/or furnishing of facilities), equipment, conferences and workshops, scholarships or tuition assistance, films, television and/or radio programs, endowments, development campaigns, or research/studies unless they are an integral part of a larger program budget being considered for funding.
Purpose: We Work Alongside Communities – Especially Those Facing Health Inequities – To Support Community-based Approaches In Four Key Areas: Maternal And Child Health, Oral Health, Breastfeeding (breast Milk As The Optimal First Food), And Continued Access To Good Food And Active Living Throughout A Child’s Early Development.

In Our National Grantmaking And Investments In Priority Places, WKKF Supports Efforts To Improve The Health Of Mothers And Families; To Increase Breastfeeding Rates; To Provide Innovative, Community-based Oral Health Care And To Transform Food Systems So Children And Families Have Healthier Foods In Child Care Settings, In Schools And In Their Communities.

By Addressing The Health And Well-being Of Children On A Number Of Interrelated Fronts, The Foundation Seeks To Create A Set Of Conditions Within Communities That Support And Encourage Optimal Child Development At Home, At School And At Play.
Deadline: Rolling
Quantity: Unknown

Email: http://www.wkkf.org/what-we-do/healthy-kids/contact

The Kellogg Foundation does not have any submission deadlines. Grant applications are accepted throughout the year and are reviewed at our headquarters in Battle Creek, Michigan, or in our regional office in Mexico (for submissions focused within their region).
Once we receive your completed online application, an automated response, which includes your WKKF reference number, will be sent to you acknowledging its receipt. Our goal is to review your application and email our initial response to you within 45 days. Your grant may be declined or it may be selected for further development.

As part of review process you may be asked to submit your organization’s financial reports and/or IRS Form 990. While this information may be required, it is not intended to be the overall determining factor for any funding. You will not be asked to provide any financial reports or detailed budget information during this initial submission. We will only request this information later if needed as part of the proposal development.

If you have other questions or concerns or if you would like to provide feedback regarding our goals and objectives or your experience with the application process so far, please submit your questions or comments to our proposal processing staff (you will also be able to provide this information after submitting your information). If you would like to speak with someone personally, please contact the Central Proposal Processing department at (269) 969-2329.
Website: Website