Type Program Deadline  
Foundations Grosvenor Teacher Fellow program (Heads UP for Nov.) 12-31-2014
Foundations Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation Anti-Bullying Grants 11-30-2014
Foundations PITSCO/HEARLIHY/FTEE GRAN 12-01-2014
Corporate Bayer USA Foundation STEM education Grants Rolling
Corporate ConnectED Initiative (Phase II) 11-05-2014
Foundations The Ambrose Monell Foundation Grants Rolling
Foundations Applied Materials Foundation Education Initiative Rolling
Foundations Office Depot Foundation Grants 10-31-2014
Foundations NCTM 7-12 Classroom Research Grants 11-07-2014
Federal Preschool Development Grants 10-14-2014
Foundations Dizzy Feet Foundation Grants 09-04-2014
Foundations P&G School Programs Rolling
Foundations 2014-2015 School Grants for Healthy Kids (Select States) 08-31-2014
Foundations U.S. Soccer Foundation Grants 10-01-2014
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Kinder Morgan Foundation K-12 Grants

Type: Foundations
Source: Kinder Morgan Foundation
Program: Kinder Morgan Foundation K-12 Grants
  • We provide program support only. (Libraries may apply for capital projects-see Restrictions for more information.)
  • Kinder Morgan must have operations in the community served by the program. General location information is available on the¬†About Us¬†page.Contact us¬†if you have questions.
  • The program must benefit youth in grades K-12 only.
  • Non profits, public schools and private schools may apply.
  • In the United States, non profits and private schools must have 501(c)(3) designation from the Internal Revenue Service. (Not applicable to public schools.)
  • In Canada, non profits and private schools must provide documentation that enables us to determine that the organization is the equivalent of a U.S. public charity. See¬†How to Submit an Application¬†for details. (Not applicable to public schools.)
  • Academic programs, including tutoring
  • Arts education programs
  • Environmental education programs that work with local schools and meet curriculum standards
Deadline: 07-10-2014
Award Min: $1,000.00
Award Max: $5,000.00
Quantity: Unknown

Send your 
grant application to:
Kinder Morgan Foundation
370 Van Gordon Street 
Lakewood, CO  80228 

Contact us for 
more information:
(303) 914-7655

Website: Website