2014 National Arts and Humanities Youth Program Awards


  • Type: Foundations
  • Category: Not Stated
  • Source: President's Committee On The Arts And The Humanities And National Endowment For The Arts


  • Award Min: Not Stated
  • Award Max: $10,000.00
  • Quantity: 12


  • Deadline: Feb 10, 2014
  • Funding Available: Not Stated
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Prior recipients of a National Arts and Humanities Youth Program Award (formerly, the Coming Up Taller Award) are not eligible for an award in 2014. National Arts and Humanities Youth Program Awards are given to organizations for a specific program or programs. In some cases, the organization and the program may be the same. Nominated programs are eligible if they meet all of the eligibility requirements below:

Operate as a program for children and youth outside of the school day. Preschool, after-school, weekend, and/or summer programs, however, may have a school-based component or use school space. Multi-site initiatives that meet the criteria also are eligible;

Use one or more disciplines of the arts or the humanities as the core content of its program(s);

Concentrate on children and youth who live in family and community circumstances that limit their opportunities—underserved children and youth are the primary participants in the program;

Involve children and youth as active participants in the arts or humanities experience; cultural programs in which children function only as an audience are not eligible for a National Arts and Humanities Youth Program Award;

Provide participants with ongoing, regularly scheduled sessions; one-time and occasional programs will not be considered;

Integrate arts or humanities education programs with youth development goals (e.g., enhanced leadership skills, self-confidence, and peer relations); programs that concentrate only on preparing youth for an artistic or cultural career are not eligible for a National Arts and Humanities Youth Program Award;

Have been operational since January 2010 for a minimum of five years, including 2014 [“operational” refers to the operational years of the specific nominated program(s), not the organization’s years of operation, when nominating a program or programs within an organization];

Be a nonprofit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization, unit of state or local government, or federally recognized tribal community or tribe; and
Be in good standing if a federal grant recipient.

The National Arts And Humanities Youth Program Award Is The Nation's Highest Honor For Out-of-school Arts And Humanities Programs That Celebrate The Creativity Of America's Young People, Particularly Those From Underserved Communities. This Award Recognizes And Supports Excellence In Programs That Open New Pathways To Learning, Self-discovery, And Achievement. Each Year, The National Arts And Humanities Youth Program Awards Recognize 12 Outstanding Programs In The United States, From A Wide Range Of Urban And Rural Settings.

Recipients Receive A $10,000 Grant And The Opportunity To Visit The White House And Accept The Award From First Lady Michelle Obama. Awardees Also Receive A Full Year Of Capacity-building And Communications Support, Designed To Make Their Organizations Stronger. In Addition, 38 Exceptional Youth-focused Arts And Humanities Programs Across The United States Receive A Finalist Certificate Of Excellence. One Country Each Year Also Receives Our International Spotlight Award For A Remarkable Youth-oriented Cultural Program.

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