Million Student Study Grant


  • Type: Corporate
  • Category: Not Stated
  • Source: I CAN Learn Education Systems Inc


  • Award Min: Not Stated
  • Award Max: Not Stated
  • Quantity: Not Stated


  • Deadline: Nov 21, 2012
  • Funding Available: Not Stated
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Summary of Criteria Requirements:
To be considered, all Applicants must:
1. Commit to using the program as a core instructional program (75% instructional time), or as a full time math
intervention. Instructional time and type need to be defined in application and adhered to ensure the fidelity of the
2. Randomly place students into I CAN Learn or have matching pairs* where random placement isn't possible.
3. Commit to sharing student data for use in the study. Unique identification numbers can be used to protect student
4. Agree to implement by January 31, 2013.
5. Apply Grant Award to an approved I CAN Learn software model for a minimum of three years. The I CAN Learn
Premium School License model is the recommended model for this grant. However, the Basic School License is also
6. Identify program funding source(s), excluding grant award amount.
7. Provide the following: (a) Statement of program goals and objectives, (b) Targeted grade levels/courses, including
complete student population(s), (c) Identification and commitment of Project Coordinator (data collection) and Site‐
based Implementation Manager, (d) Commitment to coordinate a comprehensive support schedule for Training and
Core Support Meetings.
8. Provide letters of Implementation Commitment by vested personnel, i.e. District and Site Administrators, Coaches,
9. Meet the minimum system requirements.
*Comparable non I CAN Learn student population, which will be identified with the assistance of lead researcher, Dr. Geoffrey Borman.

Be A Part Of Something Unprecedented In Academic Achievement And Save BIG In The Process On I CAN Learn® Education Systems Mathematics Software.

Applicants Who Meet The Requirements Will Receive Buy One Get One Free School License Or 40% Off For A Single School Applicant.

I CAN Learn Education Systems Has Teamed Up With Dr. Geoffrey Borman, Principal Standing Panel Member Of The Education Systems And Broad Reform Research Review Panel Of The U.S. Department Of Education, Institute Of Education Sciences, To Conduct A Country-wide Evaluation Of Student High-stakes Tests Results. His Credentials Ensure That This Project Will Be Conducted With The Highest Possible Standards.

Additional Info:
How to Apply:
All grant applicants must use the I CAN Learn® Grant Application format that is attached. Before sending in an application, please contact Dena Durr at 504‐263‐4200 or at to request a quote.
Eligible applicants must apply by Wednesday, November 21, 2012 at 4:00PM CST. All applications should be submitted to Dena Durr at All attachments should be combined into 1 PDF document.