The Ambrose Monell Foundation Grants


  • Type: Foundations
  • Source: The Ambrose Monell Foundation
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  • Award Min: $0.00
  • Award Max: $0.00
  • Quantity: Unknown


  • Deadline: Rolling

The Ambrose Monell Foundation funds only those organizations
that are qualified 

to receive charitable grants under the United States Internal
Revenue Code and 

applicable regulations. 

Voluntarily aiding and contributing to religious, charitable,
scientific, literary, and educational uses and purposes, in New
York, elsewhere in the United States and throughout the world.

Additional Info:
In order to ascertain if an organization and its proposed project or program fit within the Foundation's guidelines, applicants are required to submit a letter of inquiry (LOI). LOIs may be submitted at any time during the year.

The review process for LOIs takes approximately 4-6 weeks. Applicants will be 
contacted by the Foundation only if the LOI receives a favorable response. At 
that time, the Foundation will request a detailed proposal and, if helpful, schedule 
a meeting with the prospective grantee. Proposals are to be submitted only upon 
invitation; unsolicited proposals will not be reviewed.

Proposals are reviewed by the Board of Directors twice a year, once in June and 
once in December. In order to be reviewed in June, proposals should be 
received by April 30th and to be reviewed in December, by October 31st.

Contact information:

The Ambrose Monell Foundation
NEW YORK, NEW YORK 10020-2002
Phone: 212-586-0700
Fax: 212-245-1863