Dizzy Feet Foundation Grants



  • Award Min: $0.00
  • Award Max: $0.00
  • Quantity: Unknown


  • Deadline: Sep 04, 2014

Applicants must an eligible non-profit or governmental organizations. Programs must serve children under the age of 18. Criteria include, but are not limited to, the number of children served, the socio-economic population served, style(s) of dance offered, the quality of education, and the qualifications of those directly teaching dance within the program.


Broad range of organizations providing dance: DFF seeks to support a wide variety of eligible organizations in order to increase access to dance education and to meet the needs of those children in under-served communities. In addition to standard non-profit organizations, DFF also supports community programs offered by libraries, community centers, parks & recreation, social service agencies, and after school programs. Grants are awarded to other 501(c) (3) and governmental organizations, not to individuals or for-profit corporations.

Variety in the types of dance programs offered: DFF aims to support programs in all styles of dance as well as programs that offer diversity through delivery to those who would not otherwise have the opportunity (e.g., programs for differently abled, foster children, etc.).

Breadth of Reach: One of the key criteria in evaluating applications is the number of students served. Naturally, DFF wants its funding to support as many children as possible and to support organizations to make efficient and effective use of our resources.

Geographical Diversity: we support programs across the United States and someday, hope to fund programs in all 50 states, particularly in rural or other under-served areas where opportunities for dance education may be more limited.

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