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Q. We are in the midst of applying to become a 501 (c)3 non-profit. Are we eligible?
A. Yes. Our ideal candidates are 501 (c) 3 non-profits. If your organization is applying for non-profit status we can still consider your application.

Q. We run a private daycare facility. Are we eligible for a KaBOOM! build?
A. Applications from private daycare facilities are considered on a case by case basis. For-profit facilities may be viable for a KaBOOM! build if many of the children receive scholarships or outside funding to participate in the program. Our ideal candidates are 501 (c) 3 non-profits so applications from for-profit groups will be less competitive.

Q. Our organization does not serve low-income families. Can we still apply?
A. KaBOOM! strives to work in communities with the most need and gives preference to sites in low-income communities and/or those that serve children with special needs.

Q. Our organization would love to build a playground but we cannot open the playground to the public for liability reasons. Can we still be considered for this opportunity?
A. Yes. We understand that operating a public playground may not be possible for many Community Partners and do not make this a requirement. KaBOOM! is interested in seeing as many kids as possible benefit from each of our playgrounds and some of our funding opportunities do require that the playground be open to the public.

Q. Can we apply if we do not own the land of our proposed playground site?
A. Yes. In order to build with an organization that does not own the land of the proposed playground site we will need to receive written consent from the landowner.

Q. Oh no! I am so excited to apply but I just found out that my school district does not allow volunteers to install the playground! Is there any way we could take advantage of this opportunity without having volunteers install the playground?
A. No. Our mission is to create great playgrounds through the participation and leadership of communities. Community volunteerism is the cornerstone of our mission. We have worked with community partners in the past who have overcome this challenge with their school district. We recommend that you create a playground project page on Our Dream Playground, which you can use as a forum to post your question and to get advice from past community organizers.


Can you imagine collaborating with friends and neighbors to build your community a new place to play? Can you imagine a new playspace materializing in just one day? If so, a Build it with KaBOOM! Grant may be the perfect opportunity for you!

Thanks to the generosity of our many corporate partners, KaBOOM! has ongoing opportunities for community organizations to build a new playground.

We are currently doing outreach to locate potential Community Partners in cities and towns across North America to create playgrounds with KaBOOM! and our corporate partners in 2014. Ideal Community Partners are usually child-serving non-profit organizations, but can be community development organizations, neighborhood coalitions, schools or any organization that can mobilize a volunteer force and is in need of a new playground!

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