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  • Deadline: Jul 15, 2014

K-12 teachers.


The United States-Japan Foundation supports innovative education projects that help young Americans and Japanese learn about each other’s society, culture, and country as well as learn to work together on issues of common concern. The Foundation focuses on K-12 education and throughout its history has been at the forefront of supporting teacher professional development projects that train US teachers to teach about Japan and Japanese teachers to teach about the United States. In addition, the Foundation funds projects that work directly with students, that develop top quality curriculum materials on America or Japan for educational audiences in the other country, that connect schools and classrooms in the US and Japan, and that develop and improve instruction in Japanese language.

The Foundation seeks to respond to needs at the pre-college level as identified by experts in US-Japan education and practitioners in the field. We are open to diverse methodologies for engaging teachers and students in the study of Japan and the United States that range from history, art, and music to science and society (please see our recent grants section for examples of projects we have funded). The Foundation also proactively leads efforts to develop educational programs and projects when a significant need is discerned.

Additional Info:
New York Office (Headquarters)

145 East 32nd Street, 12th Floor
New York, NY 10016
Tel: (212) 481-8753
Fax: (212) 481-8762
E-mail: info@us-jf.org

For more information regarding the Pre-college Education Grant Programs at the United States-Japan Foundation, please contact David Janes, Director of Foundation Grants and Assistant to the President, atdjanes@us-jf.org or via phone at (212) 481-8757.