Sol Hirsch Education Fund Grants


  • Type: Foundations
  • Source: National Weather Association
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  • Award Min: $0.00
  • Award Max: $750.00
  • Quantity: Between 0 and 5


  • Deadline: Jun 01, 2014

Teachers, program directors, school district supervisors and other
individuals or groups proposing to improve the education of
K–12 students in meteorology may submit an application.


Sol Hirsch Education Fund Grants are awarded
annually to teachers/educators of grades K–12 to help improve
the education of their students, school and/or community in the
science of meteorology. The Grant is intended to allow teachers

  • Purchase scientific materials and / or
    equipment for the classroom, school or community.

  • Begin new school and / or community science
    outreach and education programs.

  • Enhance and / or expand existing
    meteorology / science education programs.

  • Attend accredited courses, workshops and
    /or conferences related to meteorology that will significantly
    enhance their teaching activities.

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